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Buzz pollination

Password: buzz

New flower of Shetland

Password: shetland


The first flower. Originally posted in The Conversation.


 The Sunday TimesAlaska trip to find elusive flower



IFLS       IFLSHybrid species are on the march



buzz pollination BBC    BBC: The One Show. Buzz pollination. Shown on 20 February 2017. Watch it in Vimeo (email me for password)

nglogo560x430-cb1343821768National Geographic: The curious case of the bumblebee, the virus and the tomato

wired-logo Wired Magazine: Bees are great at pollinating flowers

 The Economist: There is Music in the Humming of Bees

New-York-Times-Logo  The New York Times:  Unraveling the Pollinating Secrets of a Bee’s Buzz


Plant Speciation

CM-logo-Reverse3 Conservation. The monkey-flower has two faces.

bbc BBC Radio Scotland. Newsdrive. Broadcasted on 7 May 2015. Mimulus peregrinus: Origin of species is a repeatable phenomenon.


1773418_orig BBC: What the World’s Youngest Species Can Teach Us

sciam-logo Scientific American: Make Room for a New Bloom: New Flower Discovered


Nectar Robbing and Bee Handedness

The Economist: Bad Behaviour. The Strange Case of the Bandit Bumblebees